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Ed Garza, Founder of VodCast HUB has a video background and story that is very engaging. 

Starting in 2008, when he moved back to Houston to be closer to his family, he went to Guitar Center, bought a USB Rode microphone, and visited a coffee house called Coffee Groundz in Midtown Houston. He asked the manager if he could host an event where he could interview businesses every Tuesday. The answer was yes, of course. That was the beginning of over 1000 interviews. These interviews led to his invitation to many trade shows where he was given a booth for free to interview all the vendors. 

Additionally, he was invited to dine free at several restaurants and cut through several lines at clubs because he was known in the city. At one point, he was asked to host a fundraiser for a close friend that passed away in a horrible automobile accident. In one week's time, seven days he gathered hundreds of volunteers and raised $40,000 for the 4 kids that were left orphaned. Watch the Video to See.

Before video became such a trending topic, he pioneered the concept of interviewing businesses wherever he went. His passion for video grew, and eventually, his path led him to VodCast HUB. 

His training started at an early age as he studied Public speaking in High School and College. He became skilled in impromptu speaking and orations as a member of the National Forensics League. This prepared him for his journey, eventually leading to his invitation to speak on stage with Google Executives evangelizing the concept of Profit-Driven Marketing. This was the door he needed to open. At this point in his career, he began to help businesses grow their influence and generate profit from digital marketing efforts and kept his passion for video. Now he enjoys working day in and out, consulting and educating businesses on the importance of Video Marketing. 

In summary, the few words that express his tone and style would be idea champion, problem solver, and revenue warrior. His greatest passion lies in his core values of helping others with a big heart and desire to help others. This comes from his first career as a minister.  He loves to help others and guide them to greater clarity and vision.

Married to the love of his life, Jennette Garza, he has the privilege to work with her in the same office complex in Franklin, TN. Living one day at a time is his mantra. He is motivating his team, training his sales team, and championing VodCast HUB. The list of clients spans the United States, from coast to coast, including Canada and Australia.

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