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The 2 Most Important Videos For Your Brand


Build Influence - Tell Your Story -

Surpass Your Competition

Branded videos enable you to build your brand fast online, build relationships, increase engagement, conversions and reach customers with the kind of content they love. Imagine recording 15-20 branded videos a month. At the end of 12 months you will have over 200 videos. Now imagine them on your website, your YouTube channel, Facebook, etc. Reach out to us and let us help you develop a custom video strategy.


The Easiest Way to Collect Video Testimonials Fast

Video testimonials are your secret ammunition for your video marketing and social proof. There is nothing more powerful than hearing authentic and happy customers – in their own words – share their experience about your company. Customer testimonial videos are one of the best methods of establishing trust quickly. Engage your prospects and drive more sales.

Super Charge Your LinkedIn Direct Message Videos

What is the Video Message Tool?

The Video messaging tool allows you to make your social media messages feel super personalized.

Your video messages will have an embedded GIF that links to your recorded video. It works great with LinkedIn and all other social media direct messages.

The GIF takes clients to your video message landing page, which come with this platform at no extra charge, where you can add:

▪️Your phone number

▪️A custom call to action

▪️A calendar booking link

▪️An invoice link or

▪️Or a unique blog post.

▪️Any URL will work.
▪️You customize it.

Story Videos

The Perfect Way to Share Your Value & Experience

VodCast HUB makes capturing video stories as easy as click, record, and submit.

Video stories and case studies are engaging ways to build trust and share the results of your services with customers.

With VodCast HUB , you can share your experience in a memorable, personal and effective way with story videos. You define the three questions or topics you want your customers to answer, and the VodCast HUB platform does the rest. It’s the perfect way to guide your customers through sharing the problem they faced, the solution you offered, and the results you achieved for them – in a seamless video with an animated logo, music, and custom call-to-action.

Video Email

Cut Through the Inbox Clutter

Video email drives more conversions and generates more leads than traditional email. Video email is one of the best ways to personalize your brand, build trust, and stand out from your competition.

Send Video Emails that Get Noticed

We know how frustrating it is when your emails are ignored.

Stop Sending Boring Emails

Video email from VodCast HUB will get your emails noticed.

Did you know that including a video (and the word “video” in your subject line) can increase your open email rate by 6%, while others say it’s as high as 19% Adding video to your email and marketing campaign is a perfect way to stand out from the competition, mainly when the average person working in an office receives a staggering 121 emails per day.

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